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Heat Exchangers : Contributing to the creation of a better world and a sustainable global environment.

Railcars Related Products

Railcar-mounted Oil Cooler

Oil coolers designed for electric transformers mounted on railroad vehicles have traditionally been made from aluminum to save weight, but are prone to corrosion due to contact with the air and cleaning fluids, resulting in short operating lifetimes. To overcome these drawbacks, we developed a high-performance cooling element utilizing copper with superior corrosion resistance, and have produced a long operating life, high-performance, compact cooler with dramatically improved corrosion resistance. We will continue to contribute to improvements in passenger and freight transportation on the railways.

Forced-Oil Forced-Air Coolers for Traction Transformers

Uses outside air to cool the insulating oil inside traction transformers for rail cars. It is a fan-based forced cooling type.

Forced-Oil Natural-Air Cooler for Traction Transformers Utilizing Wind Generated by Railcar Movement

It is a natural air cooling type that uses the airflow from the forward motion of the train.