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Heat Exchangers : Contributing to the creation of a better world and a sustainable global environment.

Fin Tubes

ALIGHTRON (Roll Formed Fin Tube)

Roll formed fin tubes produced by Tada Electric's unique fabrication method enable more compact, lighter weight heat exchangers.
Used for temperature control on annealing furnaces. Relieving thermal stress, preventing water leakage and other factors were fully considered in its design, such as through the use of welded fins with high thermal conductivity.
Characteristics By fully integrating the fins and tube, we have achieved outstanding heat conduction, making the heat exchanger both compact and light.
Manufacturing Method Our uniquely developed rolling fabrication machine forms the tubes by pushing the material out of the aluminum pipe while simultaneously attaching it to the tube. Best suited for systems operating at a temperature range of 250°C or below.
Usage Roll formed fin tubes are currently in use in a number of products such as steam air heaters and air coolers used in the food and chemical industries.