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Heat Exchangers : Contributing to the creation of a better world and a sustainable global environment.

Heat Exchangers Business History

An overview of Tada Electric Co., Ltd.'s Heat Exchangers Business history spanning more than half a century.

Heat Exchangers Business (Heat Exchanger Works : Okayama)

1955 Started production / sales of "NK filter" microfiltration unit.
1958 Started production / sales of Alightron roll-formed fin tube.
1963 Established Tada Electric Co., Ltd.
Started production / sales of radiator for transformers.
1965 Started production / sales of air-cooled and water-cooled oil coolers.
1969 Started production / sales of welded fins (welded fin tubes).
1970 Started production/sales of plate heat exchanger for food applications.
1971 Completed cooler performance testing device.
Started production / sales of water-cooled air cooler for rotating machines.
1973 Completed Okayama Works; Started production/sales of water-cooled air cooler with double tube type structure.
1974 Started production / sales of pure-water cooling unit for rectifiers.
1975 Developed plate, hot-dip galvanizing air-cooled oil cooler for transformers.
1977 Jointly developed ultra-large air-cooled oil cooler for transformers with leading transformer manufacturers.
1978 Used welded fin dissimilar material combined product in practical application.
1979 Began delivery of the first closed-circuit cooling tower.
1982 Began delivery of the first water-cooled hydrogen gas cooler for generators.
Developed slit-fin water-cooled air cooler.
Started production of ozonizer.
1985 Developed ultra-low-noise air-cooled oil cooler (32dB(A)) for transformers.
1986 Completed optimization of underground substation cooling system.
1994 Started production/sales of pure-water plate cooling unit.
Completed Okayama Area No.2 factory.
Began delivery of air-cooled oil coolers for 1,000kV transformers.
1998 Began delivery of the world's largest capacity closed-circuit cooling tower (3,140kW) for underground substations.
1999 Developed plate-fin water-cooled hydrogen gas cooler for generators.
2000 Established Baoding Tada Cooling Equipment Co., Ltd. in China.
Delivered a pure-water cooling unit (3,000kW) for Japan's largest capacity DC power transmission plant.
2001 Developed tube-expansion air-cooled oil cooler for transformers.
2002 Developed compact slit-fin cooler.
2004 Developed oval-pipe air-cooled oil cooler for transformers.
2005 Developed high-efficiency fin tubes (AS20xx, AS23xx).
2008 Started production of oil cooler for railcars.
2009 Renamed Okayama Works as Heat Exchanger Works.
Started production in Funabashi Area.
2011 Started export of hydrogen gas cooler for turbine generators.
Established manufacturing base in India.
2014 Completed Okayama Area Factory No. 3.
Consolidated heat exchanger production by moving manufacturing from Funabashi to Okayama.