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Heat Exchangers : Contributing to the creation of a better world and a sustainable global environment.

Power Generation / Substation Related Products

Closed-circuit Cooling Tower

Closed circuit cooling towers remove heat from the primary cooling water that flows through cooling tubes. The primary cooling water is kept contaminant-free because there is virtually no contact with ambient air. This increases the service life of piping and valves, helping to keep equipment maintenance-free. There are two types of cooling tower: the wet-type and the dry-type.

Closed-circuit Cooling Tower

The cooling tower seals off circulating water, enabling the supply of cooling water with stable water quality. In addition to outstanding reliability and durability, white-smoke prevention and reduced operating noise were considered.

Closed Circuit Cooling Tower (Horizontal type)

The horizontal design is well suited for installation on an interior floor.

Closed Circuit Dry-Type Cooling Tower

As the dry-type uses air ventilation for cooling, there is no water consumption.