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Heat Exchangers : Contributing to the creation of a better world and a sustainable global environment.

Fin Tubes

Welded Fins (fin tubes produced by super-high-frequency welding)

With Patents Acquired in Various Countries, Welded Fins are Enhancing Heat Exchanger Technologies
Our original manufacturing technologies enable not only the welding of various metals, but also welding of copper materials that pose difficulties for resistance welding. The result is excellent performance under high-temperature conditions.
Characteristics Can be combined with materials that are highly resistant to heat and corrosive atmospheres. Best suited for medium and high temperature range systems.
Manufacturing Method Super-high-frequency current is passed through the tube fin material, and continuous welding is performed while the material is rolled into the spiral shape.
Usage Welded Fins are currently in use in several heat recover systems, such as those used in waste incinerators and boilers.