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Welding Machines : Driving modern times through outstanding technologies that answer a wide range of needs.

Steel industry Related Products

Welding Machines for Steel Processes

Welding applied for coil joining on steel processing lines is indispensable for steel manufacturers as it has many uses in the manufacture of steel sheets. Tada Electric's welding machines have a history that spans more than 30 years, and they are the top-selling welding machines for steel processing lines. Based on this outstanding track record, we are now aggressively expanding into overseas markets. Tada Electric welding technologies support all grades of steel including normal carbon steel, special steel, electromagnetic steel and stainless steel, and we offer three different types of welding machines: mash, flash, and laser. Through integration of cutting-edge welding technologies, Tada Electric is helping to fully automate and improve the quality of processing lines.

Laser Welding Machine (solid state laser)

New Welding Machine for Steel Processes Introduced Approx. 15%* Faster and 50%* Smaller for Optimized Steel Production Line. The latest laser welding machine is equipped with a solid state laser, realizing energy and space savings.
* Compared to the previous Tada product.

Mash Seam Welding Machine

Enables high-speed, stable lap seam welding.
Can be used in various lines including CGL, CAL, CCL and BAL.

Laser Welding Machine

Enables high-grade welding of varying strip thicknesses using a high-energy precision heat source.
Can be used in various lines including CPL, TCM, PL-TCM, etc.

Flash Welding Machine

Flash action provides complete heating for high-speed welding.
Can be used in various lines including CPL, TCM, PL-TCM, etc.