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Welding Machines : Driving modern times through outstanding technologies that answer a wide range of needs.

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Electron beam machines perform high-precision welding or surface processing by irradiating the target material with electron beams densely converged in a vacuum to heat the target material locally and instantly. They are often used for joining of automotive parts, as they can perform processing with minimal distortion, contributing to a reduction of production costs or a weight reduction of parts. In addition, electron beam blazing is applied to electronic devices and battery parts. Moreover, they are also applied in the aerospace, nuclear, construction machinery and other fields because of their capacity to perform high-quality processing of materials including titanium, aluminum and copper.

Accurate, quick and deformation-free welding contributing to precision parts manufacturing.

Index EBM

This best-seller processing machine is used for welding/processing automotive parts. Particularly good practicality and functionality proven through use on factory automation (FA) lines.

Cassette EBM

The pre-exhaust system of this revolutionary processing machine cuts vacuum exhaust time to zero, enabling mass-production processing of 100,000 smaller parts per month.

High-voltage High-output EBM

Incorporation of a high-voltage electron beam realizes a welding depth of more than 100mm in just one pass. Currently used the aerospace/space systems industry.

General-purpose electron beam machine

Well suited for diverse small-lot production, R&D applications, etc. In addition to the standard processing chamber size of 1000 mm, special orders are accepted for other processing chamber sizes to match the job size and application.