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Welding Machines : Driving modern times through outstanding technologies that answer a wide range of needs.

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Fine Process Control Electron Beam Machine

Fine process control electron beam machines are capable of performing processing with small distortion. They reduce spatter formation during welding by optimizing output waveform, which enables high-quality processing. They are suitable for processing copper for which low heat input welding is difficult due to copper's high thermal conductivity, and for small parts that are susceptible to damage from heat.

Conventional machine


FPC-EBM (Fine Process Control Electron Beam Machine)

A compact model with an electron beam output of 1 kW and a processing chamber size of 300 mm square. Models are also available in a 6-kW output specification, and previously purchased models can be upgraded with an FPC.

Welding of copper and aluminum

Minimizes the melt zone even when joining different metals with high reflectance and high conductivity (low weldability materials).

Welding of metal foils

Capable of processing up to 10 layers of 0.05-mm thick copper foil or aluminum foil with minimal distortion.