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Welding Machines : Driving modern times through outstanding technologies that answer a wide range of needs.

Welding Machines Headline News

News and topics about Tada welding machines as they spread from Japan throughout the world.

Largest Share*1 of Global Electron-beam Processing  Machine (EBM) Market, Over 1,200 Units Supplied

Tada EBMs are used in the automotive industry, in the aviation/space systems field and at research centers. Their outstanding performance has been highly evaluated worldwide.

Welding performance (weld penetration depth) twice that of laser processing machines (for stainless steel)

*1 Based on an in-house study.

Launch of the Much-awaited FPC-EBM Capable of Output Waveform Control

A pulse waveform beam with enhanced high-speed beam deflection control, realizing a system with less sputter and lower eformation.

Welding cross-section
Originally Developed Filament (Rod Cathode)  Realizes Long Average Service Life of 600 hrs*2

Compared to the ribbon filament, our filament offers a dramatically longer service life. Development continues as we aim for even longer service life and higher performance.

*2 May vary depending on processing materials and conditions.

Beam Technology Development Center - Creating the Future of Cutting-edge Processing

At Tada, we are meeting diverse needs with advanced systems characteristic of a leading company.

New Welding Machine for Steel Processes Introduced Approx. 15%*3 Faster and 50%*3 Smaller for Optimized Steel Production Line

The latest laser welding machine is equipped with a solid state laser, realizing energy and space savings.

*3 Compared to the previous Tada product.

Welding Machines for Steel Processes Boasting an Overwhelming Share of the Japanese Market and an Outstanding Global Supply Record (over 400 units)

Tada welding machines for steel processes and induction heaters are being used in steel production lines of steel manufacturers around the world.

No. of Tada welding machines for steel processing lines  manufactured (cumulative)