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Electron Beam Multi-surface Machine

Electron beam multi-surface processing machines perform various types of surface processing by irradiating material surfaces with electron beams in a vacuum. They perform processing such as polishing, blasting, burr removal, radius processing of edges, surface defect removal, quenching/tempering, alloying and property modification, all using electron beams. They can process using CAD data, which achieves clean surfaces without oxide films, and with less foreign material and fewer defects. In addition, unlike heating furnaces, electron beam machines have a short startup time and heat locally, which enables them to produce only the amount needed and thus contribute to energy conservation.




Electron Beam Multi-surface Machine

Standard model with a 500 mm square chamber. CNC equipped to enable electron beam processing with a moving table. e-Flush CAM is optionally available to support programs for controlling the shape for electron beam irradiation of workpieces.